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Hi, I'm Hanz the Twelfth ghost. I speak English and Spanish fluently and I'm about to learn some languages in my mind, I moved out from Tumblr and I stay here in NG
Please understand that in this site is mostly English speaking.
Thank You!

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Posted by HanzTwelfth - April 1st, 2019

I am actually pissed, I almost got censored but fortunately I'm here. Seriously! Why do the EU really have to approve such a blatant censorship that really think it's offensive? First the threat of the US known as AMLO won in my country last summer, then the Tumblr really prohibits every single adult content just for a stupid Goggle app removal and now this? Seriously! Every year since Obama has elected has gotten worse and worse for many attempts to destroy peoples creativity only for an excuse to be offensive and plagiarist, especially when we are on the internet and apparently must of the politicians really want to destroy many cyber algorithms as possible. I swear that if everything bad happens the the Internet, I will abandon fore ever, it's not fair that everything on the Internet has ever been so broken and been easily manipulated by dirty dictator ass-rats like the EU that wants everyone to be silence, otherwise they will kill you, and worst of all, not fair that the Internet is like going out bankrupt permanently.

Okay, I need to calm down for a minute and a brief announcement.

Soon, I will have a DeviantArt account regardless, but if you guys can met me out of Newgrounds, the there's no doubt to visit my Pixiv, Twitter and recently I got a Gab account. so who the fuck knows when the censor nightmare is going to end.

Thank you for the comprehension and fuck the European Union, it needs to be disintegrated as soon as possible!

Posted by HanzTwelfth - December 31st, 2018

I hope you guys have a great 2019. I don't want to explain it at all until later, but 2018 sucked ass!


Posted by HanzTwelfth - December 11th, 2018

Now on I have created my Newgrounds page to post not only my artworks but also to follow many NSFW users migrated from Tumblr's tyrannical purge instead of solving that exucse to been removed form stupid Google apps as well as I never going to use my Tumblr account ever again.

I might do animations in the future but from here to know on I will only post drawings and follow some great people around, and by the way this account is only and mostly english speaking just like I'm doing with my Pixiv (Another new account I created recently and also do posts my drawings as well) if you guys are only spanish speaking, you must have to go to my Twitter account which I created 2 years ago becuese that account is mostly spanish speaking stuff even if I do post sometimes in english and few other languages I barely know. Well, I do English and Spanish most of the time, don't get me wrong!

In any case, thanks for the understanding!